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Decals & ID Cards

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Sea Pines Vehicle Decal Information

Click here to complete a Vehicle Decal application (new, renewal, or replacement) request online.

Sea Pines Property Owner Decals
Property owners are entitled to decals for their vehicles at no charge in accordance with the Sea Pines Gate Entry Policy. These decals permit entrance into the Sea Pines Community. Property Owner decals can be obtained at the CSA Administration Building located at 175 Greenwood Drive Hilton Head Island, SC 29928, from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

The property owner must provide a copy of the current vehicle registration. The vehicle should be registered in the deeded property owner’s name. Pick-up must be in person as we do not mail decals or IDs.

Replacement Sea Pines Property Owner Vehicle Decals
If a vehicle is sold or traded a replacement Sea Pines Property Owner decal will be issued at no charge. The decal or pieces thereof must be returned in order to obtain a new decal replacement.

Sea Pines Relative Decals
Immediate family members of a Sea Pines Residential Property Owner can be issued an annual Sea Pines Relative Decal when authorized by the Residential Property Owner. The cost of each decal will be $6.00. Qualifying family members include the Residential Property Owner’s son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter, father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, sister or brother. The property owner should contact the CSA office in the case of a significant other residing at the owner’s address.

The Sea Pines Residential Property Owner must send written approval via email:

Tower Beach access is not authorized through a Sea Pines Relative Decal unless accompanied by the Sea Pines Residential Property Owner.

Sea Pines Relative Decals expire annually in January of each year and must be renewed each year.

Annual Passes

(Sea Pines Full-Time Employees, Non-Resident Decal, Preferred Pass/Island Resident Decal, Sea Pines Fire Dept/Public Service, Sea Pines Long Term Rental Decal, Hilton Head Prep Student Decal, Relative Decals, Commercial Passes)

Click here for 2022 Annual Decal Renewal information. (Annual Pass Renewal does not apply to Property Owner decals.)

Please contact the CSA Office for any questions regarding the 2021 Annual Decal Renewal process:

Address: 175 Greenwood Drive
Hilton Head Island, SC, 29928
Phone: 843-671-1343
Fax: 843-671-7172

Property Owner ID Cards

Click here to complete a Property Owner ID Card application request online.

Sea Pines Property Owner ID cards are used to gain access through the security gates, act as a fishing license inside of Sea Pines, provide free access to two swimming pools inside of Sea Pines, and allow property owners to receive discounts on golf and tennis from Sea Pines Resort. More information can be found under amenities.

Property Owners will be issued a property owner ID card at no charge; ID Cards are valid for a two-year period.

Replacement/ Lost or Stolen ID Cards
If an ID card is lost or stolen please contact the Security Administration Office at 843.671.1343. The issuance of the 1st replacement card will be complimentary, each card replacement after the 1st will be a charge of $10.00. To obtain a replacement please visit the Sea Pines Security Administration Office located at 175 Greenwood Drive Hilton Head Island, SC 29928.

Dependent ID Cards
The son or daughter of a Sea Pines Residential Property Owner may be issued a dependent ID card.  A dependent of a Sea Pines resident (son/daughter) if eligible, may be issued an ID Card only from the ages of three (3) to twenty-five (25) years of age.  To obtain a dependent ID card, please visit the Sea Pines Security Administration Office located at 175 Greenwood Drive, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928.

Multi-Owned Property
For property owners owning a Trust, LLC, Company or Partnership Owned property, we ask that you contact the Sea Pines Security Administration Office at 843.671.1343 for more information on ID cards.

Confidential Pass Code Numbers For Guest Passes

All Sea Pines Residential Property Owners in good standing will be assigned a unique pass code number to request guest passes. These pass codes are issued by the Sea Pines Community Services Administration Office. Guest passes are part of the system designed to ensure that only authorized vehicles are permitted into Sea Pines. Passes are valid from 1 to 30 days and prominently display an expiration date. Once vehicles are in Sea Pines, passes help ensure vehicles visit only authorized areas, depart prior to expiration date and park in authorized areas. Passes facilitate passage of authorized vehicles through the gates, while denying such access to unauthorized vehicles.

Your property owner pass code should be kept confidential and not given out under any circumstances.

Authority: Under the 1988 Covenants, Community Services Associates (CSA) shall enforce Sea Pines Gate Entry Policy. The Gate Entry Policy can be amended, (subject to all necessary approvals, rights and conditions), by the CSA Board of Directors in accordance with CSA Bylaws or by CSA Members through a Referendum.

Enforcement: A record of all passes and decals issued under the Gate Policy will be subject to routine audit and any abuses of the gate entry privilege will result in appropriate warnings. If abuses continue, the gate entry privileges of the abusers will be terminated. Also, non-payment of the required annual Sea Pines property assessment (1974 Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions) will result in suspension of the RPOs guest gate entry privileges until such time that balance owed to CSA has been paid.

Guest Passes
Sea Pines Property Owners may request passes for their guests to visit at their homes by calling the Sea Pines Welcome Center at 843.671.7277.

You will be asked to provide your confidential pass code identification number, and you may be asked key questions to ensure the validity of the request.

You will need to provide the guests’ names and the period of the visit (a pass can be called in for up to a 30 day time period). Within seconds after a call has been made, a computer records a special pass that contains the name of the guest, the name and address of the resident and the period of the stay.

Once a pass has been called in, the guest may pick up the pass at the Sea Pines Welcome Center located at 32 Greenwood Drive, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928 prior to entering the Sea Pines Community. Alternatively the Sea Pines Property Owner may pick up the pass and mail it to the guest.

Sea Pines CSA Gate Pass Office

The Sea Pines CSA Gate Pass Office (Located at 32 Greenwood Drive in the Sea Pines Welcome Center) is open 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Passes for guests of Sea Pines Property Owners may be picked up from this location.

  • Open Daily from 7:00 AM – 11:00 PM
If a guest of a property owner arrives at Sea Pines outside of the Sea Pines CSA Gate Pass Office operating hours listed above, he/she is asked to drive directly to the security gate and speak with the gate attendant on duty. If the appropriate pass has been called in for the visitor, the gate attendant will have the guest’s name on their list and the guest will be allowed to enter Sea Pines. At that time the guest will be instructed to return to the Sea Pines CSA Gate Pass Office the following day to pick up their pass. For questions, please contact the Sea Pines CSA Gate Pass Office at 843.671.7277.