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Sea Pines CSA Annual Assessment

Community Services Associates Inc. invoices property owners for their assessments annually:

Assessment Rates:

Property Type  Improved Lot  Unimproved Lot  Payable Date 
2022 Sea Pines CSA Class “A” Residential Assessment $1,152.00 $686.00 2/1/2022
2022 Critical Infrastructure Assessement $600 $360 12/12/22
2023 Sea Pines CSA Class “A” Residential Assessment $1,887 ($647 represents the 2023 Critical Infrastructure portion of the Assessment) $1,127 ($388 represents the 2023 Critical Infrastructure portion of the Assessment) 4/1/2023

PLEASE NOTE: Empty lots that once held structures are not considered unimproved lots. Once improved – always improved.

Click here to pay your Annual Sea Pines CSA Assessment online.

How to Pay:

By Check: Make checks payable to CSA, Inc., include the attached payment coupon and write your Sea Pines property’s 8-digit account number on your Send to our lockbox address at:

PO BOX 628207
ORLANDO, FL 32862-8207

By Bill Pay Service: Use your own online bill pay service – make sure you update your account number and our lockbox mailing address. Transmit your CSA 11-digit bill pay number instead of your 8-digit property account number for this method, as noted on the enclosed payment notice.

By Credit or Debit Card: Subject to a surcharge per transaction (E-Check is No Charge, Debit Card – flat fee of $4.95, Credit Card – 2.95% of the transaction amount) via Truist Association Services online payment services. Go to: and click the red banner that says Sea Pines CSA Payment Portal.  You will need to key in three numbers which are shown on your CSA assessment notice:


Please note that you will have to manually enter in the amount you are remitting, as it does not automatically populate. Contact Truist Association Services with online payment service questions Monday thru Friday, 9am – 5 pm EST, at (888) 722-6669 or (727) 549-1202.

Due to high volumes of calls, the most expeditious way to pay your bill is to send a check to the lockbox address, use the online portal to pay with a credit, debit card or e-check, or you may send a check to our office.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Questions?: Please contact Tracey McNeill in our Finance Department at