Other Departments

Communications Department

Establish and maintain ongoing communications between Sea Pines CSA and our property owners, guests and visitors.

How do we communicate?

Email Communications

Our email blasts are sent on a weekly or on an “as need” basis, e.g., to property owners who have provided Sea Pines CSA with their email address. Topics include maintenance performing road work, security passing on pertinent information and reminders of upcoming events.

These emails are sent through Constant Contact. If you have provided Sea Pines CSA with your email address you will receive these updates. (To update your contact information, please visit www.seapinesliving.com/request)

If you provide your email, but for some reason do not wish to receive these notices from Sea Pines CSA, you can opt-out by unsubscribing from any email sent from Sea Pines CSA through Constant Contact. Just be aware that “unsubscribing” will prevent you from receiving ALL emails and alerts from Sea Pines CSA through the Constant Contact email service.

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Our Facebook page is an additional resource to view updates and information from Sea Pines CSA. Follow us at www.facebook.com/SeaPinesLiving.

Community and Board Meetings

The structure of our meetings provides members a way to stay informed about the current state of the community. Sea Pines CSA staff directors and Board Directors present ongoing and upcoming projects related to Sea Pines CSA activities. Following these presentations, there is a Q&A session.  You can watch videos of some past meetings to catch up on community news on the community videos page.

Community Digital Signs

Sea Pines CSA manages four digital display signs that run 7 days a week-365 days a year. These signs are located at the following locations: The Greenwood Gate, The Ocean Gate, The Sea Pines CSA Administration Building and the Sea Pines Community Center. These digital display signs are an important part of how we communicate with our property owners, guests and visitors in real time.

To contact the Communications Department, please email info@csaseapines.com.