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If you have any questions or would like further information about our community, contact our Administration Office.

Administration Office

Hours Mon–Fri 7:30am–4:30pm
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Phone Numbers

Sea Pines CSA Administrative Office  843-671-1343
Sea Pines Security  843-671-7170
Sea Pines CSA Maintenance  843-671-7849
Sea Pines CSA Gate Pass Office  843-671-7277

Staff Contacts

Sandra Archer , Executive Administrator  843-671-7810  sandra@csaseapines.com
Victoria Shanahan , Director of Finance and Administration  843-671-1343  vshanahan@csaseapines.com
Bridie Forbes , Human Resources Administrator  (843) 671-7846  bridie@csaseapines.com
Stephen Vinciguerra , Manager of Information Technology Services  843-671-1343  Stephen@csaseapines.com
Amanda Sutcliffe-Jones , Director of Communications  843-671-1343  amandaj@csaseapines.com
Stephanie Allison , Communications Coordinator  843-671-1343  sfera@csaseapines.com
Toby McSwain , Director of Safety, Security and Transportation  843-671-7170  tobymcswain@csaseapines.com
Sarah Squires-McMillen , Security Office Manager  843-671-1343  sarah@csaseapines.com
Russell Fredericks , Director of Capital Projects and Community Development  843-671-7805  rfredericks@csaseapines.com
Jody Rockwood , Maintenance Administrative Assistant  843-671-7849  csamaintenance@csaseapines.com
David Henderson , Director of Special Projects & Operations  843-671-7827  wildlife@csaseapines.com
Lani Binkley , ARB Assistant Administrator  843-671-5533  lanib@seapinesarb.com

Contact Us

Members of the public are encouraged to continue to conduct business with Sea Pines CSA by phone, e-mail or online, when possible.

Online Service Requests: www.seapinesliving.com/request

Employment Opportunities: www.seapinesliving.com/careers

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