Sea Pines CSA Departments & Services

Wildlife Management / Nuisance Animal Removal

The Sea Pines Security Department offers a free nuisance animal removal service to Sea Pines Property Owners. We employ a full-time Wildlife Officer to assist our Property Owners with these matters.

To report a nuisance animal and request removal assistance, contact the Sea Pines Security Department Dispatch Phone Line at 843.671.7170. Please note that the officers will not remove any animal that you have trapped yourself.

For more information about Wildlife Safety in Sea Pines click here.


Click here to view a Digital Guide to Living with Alligators

Click here to view a Digital Guide to Living with Alligators in Spanish

Important Safety Tips Regarding Alligators in Sea Pines:

  • Assume every body of water contains an alligator
  • Stay at least 60 feet (4 car lengths) away from alligators
  • Alligators are ambush predators and can move faster than you or your pets
  • Keep pets and children away from water’s edge
  • Swimming or wading is prohibited in Sea Pines’ waterways
  • Feeding or harassing alligators is dangerous and illegal
  • When fishing or crabbing do not throw used bait or fish parts into the water

Signs of Aggressive Alligator Behavior or Situations You Should Report to Sea Pines Security:

  • Closely approaches humans or pets
  • Consistently follows fishermen or pursues hooked fish
  • Displays aggression towards humans or pets, including changes in body posture, hissing or slapping tail on water
  • You observe an alligator away from water/in an unusual place (e.g. yards, driveways)
  • You observe people feeding or harassing alligators
  • You observe people approaching alligators too closely (within 60 feet or 4 car lengths)

Immediately call Sea Pines Security at 843.671.7170 to report any aggressive alligator behavior or concerns.


Raccoons are primarily nocturnal animals, but they are sometimes active during the day. Some reasons why raccoons might be active during the day include:
  • Seeking shelter: Raccoons may be looking for a new den or nesting site, especially during the spring and summer when they are more likely to raise young.
  • Food: Raccoons may come out during the day if they have found a food source available at a particular time.
  • Birthing season: Mother raccoons may forage for their own food during daylight hours during the spring and summer birthing season. 

If you observe raccoons with unusual behavior during the day, you should contact Sea Pines Security for assistance. A sick raccoon might appear:

  • Disoriented, Lethargic, Walking in circles, Stumbling, and Paralyzed in their hind legs.


Snakes are typically active when the weather is warmer. Please remember these safety tips while outdoors:

  • Never pick up or attempt to move a snake.
  • Never place your hands, arms, feet or legs where you can’t see them when outdoors.
  • Wear leather gloves if you have to handle debris, logs, rocks and other objects where a snake could be hiding.\
  • Always wear closed shoes and long pants when walking through the woods or places where you won’t have clear views of where you step.

For more information on venomous snakes in South Carolina click here.