Online Guest Pass Request Portal (CSA360)

To improve the efficiency of our Safety and Security Operations, Sea Pines CSA transitioned to a new safety and security software system called CSA360. On Wednesday, January 4, 2023, Sea Pines CSA launched the online residential property owner module to allow residential property owners to request their guest passes via the CSA360 mobile or web app.

One (1) CSA360 login is issued to each residential property. Sea Pines Residential Property Owners may continue to request passes for their guests by calling the Gate Pass Office at 843.671.7277.

To print/view directions on how to request a guest pass with CSA360, please click here 

If you cannot locate your login credentials, please email and include your name and Sea Pines Property Address.

Download the app or use your mobile or desktop browser:

How to log in to request a guest pass online:

Residential Property Owners may request guest passes for their friends, family, and guests only.

  • To login, open the CSA 360 app on your mobile device or go to in your web browser
  • Once you’ve entered the license, your username and password provided to you click “Login”

If you receive an “Incorrect Login Details” message: Please be sure to manually enter the login credentials exactly how you receive them.

    • No extra spaces or returns at the end of any of the credentials. This can happen when attempting to copy and paste.
    • seapines as one word in all lowercase.

If you cannot locate your login credentials, please email and include your name and Sea Pines Property Address.

How to request a guest pass:

  1. Enter the number of Guest Passes you are requesting and click add
    • You will need 1 entry per guest needing a pass. The number of entry lines will be determined by the number of passes you input.
  2. Click Arrow Drop Down to select the Property Address (or type to search)
  3. Click Arrow Drop Down to select the Property Contact requesting the pass
  4. Select the Arrival Date and Departure Date of the Guest Pass Duration
    • Duration limited to 60 days
    • Cannot be more than 60 days in advance
  5. Enter the First and Last Name of your Guest(s)
  6. Click Save

To void a requested pass please contact the Sea Pines CSA Gate Pass Office at 843.671.7277

Pass Reminders & Information

Commercial / Service Providers

  • As a reminder, it is not permitted to request a Property Owner guest pass for a commercial service provider (including contractors, landscapers, decorators, painters, handymen, etc.)
  • To gain entrance into Sea Pines, commercial service providers and vendors may purchase a daily or weekly commercial pass at the Greenwood Gate or Ocean Gate or they may apply for an annual commercial decal at

Property Owner Deliveries

  • Federal Express, Airborne, UPS, DHL, Amazon etc., vehicles are exempt from entry fees and can enter the Sea Pines community at no charge.
  • Commercial Home Services and Delivery Vehicles: Property Owners must contact Sea Pines Security for Gate Clearance at 843.671.7170 or by email at

Short-term Renters

  • Short-term renters are not entitled to free pass privileges for themselves or their visitors. RPO’s who rent their property short-term (less than 6 months) must register their property as a rental with Sea Pines CSA and will be issued a “Rental Control Number” to be used to request and purchase passes for their short-term renters. Please continue to request rental passes by contacting the Sea Pines CSA Pass Office.

For more information please view the Sea Pines Gate Entry Policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to view the CSA360 Online Pass Request Portal FAQ’s.

Sea Pines CSA Gate Pass Office

The Sea Pines CSA Gate Pass Office is located at 32 Greenwood Drive in the Sea Pines Welcome Center. Passes for guests of Sea Pines Property Owners may be picked up from this location.

Afterhours: If a guest of a property owner arrives at Sea Pines outside of the Sea Pines CSA Gate Pass Office operating hours, he/she is asked to drive directly to the security gate and speak with the gate attendant on duty. If the appropriate pass has been called in for the visitor, the gate attendant will have the guest’s name on their list and the guest will be allowed to enter Sea Pines. At that time the guest will be instructed to return to the Sea Pines CSA Gate Pass Office the following day to pick up their pass.

For questions, please contact the Sea Pines CSA Gate Pass Office at 843.671.7277.