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Sea Pines Leisure Trails

Navigating Sea Pines’ 17-Mile Leisure Trail Network Safely

One of the most stunning features of Sea Pines is the 17-mile leisure trail network that that conveniently links all major locations and activities within the area. Given the popularity of these trails with owners and guests who enjoy biking, jogging, and walking, it’s important to ensure everyone’s safety. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Leisure Trail Regulations

The below are are prohibited for use in Sea Pines:

  • Electric Bikes (ebikes; including Pedal-Assist Bikes)*
  • Motorized Scooters**
  • Golf Carts
  • Any Other Motorized Vehicle

*Sea Pines CSA may grant medical and health exemptions for Sea Pines Property Owners, with such requirements and conditions it determines appropriate
**Power-driven mobility devices are permitted for ADA use in the community

Leisure Trail Safety Guidelines

  • Stay in single file on the right side of the trail.
  • Use of roadway, where leisure trail exists, is prohibited.
  • Be aware of vehicles. They are not required to stop while pedestrians and cyclists are waiting to cross a roadway.
  • Pedestrians have the right of way on the trails. When passing, announce “Passing on left”.
  • Everyone, especially children, should wear a helmet when biking.
  • Obey all state and local traffic laws, including the use of hand signals and observance of traffic signs.
  • Guests who leave Sea Pines must obtain a passcode at the gate exits to gain re-admittance to Sea Pines.
  • No motorized vehicles on leisure trails (this includes e-bikes and scooters).
  • Maintain a safe speed.
  • Vehicles should never stop and wave on anyone waiting to cross the roadway.
  • Use of leisure trails in Sea Pines is limited to property owners and guests.
  • Lock bikes when not in use.

Leisure Trail and Biking Resources

Report Unsafe Conditions

  • To report a maintenance issue: Please contact our Maintenance Department at 843.671.7849 or at
  • To report a security issue: Please contact Sea Pines Security at 843.671.7170 or at
  • In Case of Emergency: For a fire or medical emergency dial 911

Please note daily visitors, not residing in or staying overnight inside of Sea Pines, are not permitted to enter the community via bicycle. More information may be found on our visitors page at