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Fishing inside Sea Pines is limited to property owners, their accompanied guests, and rental guests.

Fresh Water Fishing
The stocked fishing lakes in the Sea Pines Forest Preserve are reserved for Sea Pines property owners, their guests and resort guests. Minnow bait is not allowed.

Brackish Lagoons and Tidal Waterways Fishing
Brackish lagoons and tidal waterways are desirable locations for crabbing and saltwater fishing.  Please be aware that some fishing locations require a South Carolina recreational saltwater fishing license.

Those fishing only on the shore/ocean and not on Sea Pines property ONLY need the State License. Anyone fishing on navigable brackish saltwater (except the shore) must purchase both the State License and a Sea Pines CSA fishing permit. If the brackish / saltwater is not navigable, they only need the Sea Pines CSA fishing permit.

Alligator Safety

Alligator safety is a community effort. While the Lowcountry’s landscape and habitats are special to Sea Pines’ property owners, visitors, and guests, there are dangers and responsibilities that accompany the privilege of living among nature. Sea Pines is a natural habitat for the American alligator. For this reason, all Sea Pines property owners must act with extreme caution and must ensure family members, guests, and visitors are informed and aware when outdoors.

  • Click here to view a Digital Guide to Living with Alligators

Important Safety Tips Regarding Alligators in Sea Pines:

  • Assume every body of water contains an alligator
  • Stay at least 60 feet (4 car lengths) away from alligators
  • Alligators are ambush predators and can move faster than you or your pets
  • Keep pets and children away from water’s edge
  • Swimming or wading is prohibited in Sea Pines’ waterways
  • Feeding or harassing alligators is dangerous and illegal
  • When fishing or crabbing do not throw used bait or fish parts into the water

Immediately call Sea Pines Security at 843.671.7170 to report any aggressive alligator behavior or concerns.

Fishing Privileges

For Property Owners & Their guests:
Sea Pines CSA Fishing permits are not required for fishing inside Sea Pines for Property Owners & their accompanied guests. Property owners should carry their Sea Pines Property Owner ID Card and can present it in the case that you are stopped by Sea Pines Security.

Property Owners can purchase a fishing permit on behalf of their guest or relative (if the owner does not plan to accompany the guest fishing).  If for any reason the Property Owner cannot come by the office, we will accept written confirmation that the owner approves their guest / relative to purchase a fishing permit.

We have limited the number in a group to purchase one fishing permit to a maximum of 5 people. Therefore, up to 5 people fishing pay $5 (cash only) for the group. Between 6 -10 people pay $10 for 2 fishing permits.

For Guest Renting inside of Sea Pines:
Sea Pines CSA Fishing permits are required for rental guests and may be obtained from the Sea Pines CSA Administration Building located at 175 Greenwood Drive Hilton Head Island, SC 29928 Monday-Friday from 7:30am-4:30pm. A valid Sea Pines rental guest pass and a $5 fee are required to obtain a fishing permit which will only be valid during the time frame noted on the rental guest pass provided.

Sea Pines CSA fishing permits are available for purchase after hours from our Dispatch Office (after 4:30pm during weekdays and throughout the weekend). When you arrive at the Sea Pines CSA Building (175 Greenwood Drive) please visit the Dispatch Office which is the second entry door to the left. Please ring the doorbell for assistance. Fishing permits are $5 for groups of up to 5 people and we accept cash only. The officer on duty will require your Sea Pines guest vehicle pass to show the location of your rental property, the dates of stay and the Rental Company or owner you are renting through.

Marriott Grande Ocean guests are allowed to purchase a fishing permit, as long as they present their Sea Pines Guest Pass.

Click here for additional information regarding fishing inside of Sea Pines or call Sea Pines CSA at 843.671.1343.