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Monthly Report from David Ellis, Sea Pines CSA Board Chair

 New Sea Pines CSA Board Chair Introductory Comments
January 30, 2023

Let me start by saying that I am pleased to have been selected as the new Chair of the Board, and I am looking forward to our 1st upcoming Board meeting, which will be held on February 21. At that meeting, I will be thanking our outgoing board directors and look forward to working with the newly seated and current board directors.

To introduce myself, I grew up in a small town in Mississippi, where I practiced law for almost 40 years before moving to Hilton Head. I am somewhat country and a bit of a loose cannon in what and how I say it. Some of you are familiar with my writing style, so it will be no surprise to you.

A few basic comments about the distinction between the role of the Sea Pines CSA Board and the role of our Company President and his staff:

1.The Board sets policies, guidelines, plans for the future and is aspirational (among other things). “Board Directors” direct and are not supposed to impose themselves into the day-to-day operational functions of Sea Pines CSA.

2. Our President, Sam Bennett, and his staff implement Board policies and are responsible for the day-to-day operations. The President manages the entire organization, and you will hear from Sam and his staff regularly regarding the operations of Sea Pines CSA. Under Sam’s direction, we have a strong and dedicated management team, and they are your best point of contact regarding the day-to-day operations of CSA.

As your Board Chair, I will attempt to give you information about matters that are the function of the Board. As much as reasonably possible. (Now, that doesn’t mean I am going to talk about everything.) Not every idea or thought expressed in some random committee meeting will rise to the level that requires dissemination to the community at large. There are also other limitations on disclosing certain types of matters, such as legal, personnel and others. Give me a chance, and let’s see if I can satisfy your reasonable curiosity about what is going on. In my previous position within Sea Pines (as President of the Sea Pines Country Club) some people thought I gave out too much information.

There are a lot of smart and talented people in Sea Pines. Much smarter than me. I am asking for your input on matters that affect our community.  Please email me your thoughts, suggestions, even criticisms etc. (just do it nicely). Every email will be read and considered. I apologize in advance for failing to respond to your every email.  I am not ignoring you. It is just that if I respond to every email, I wouldn’t have time to do any other work and no time for my personal life. I have been married a long time, and my wife has trained me to save enough time for her and us.


FYI: I don’t use social media to gather opinions, suggestions etc. If there is something you want me to know, please do it by email above. Then I know it is important to you.

My Mama told me that I was not perfect and my wife, in a more gentle way re-enforces that. So please understand that I will make mistakes. I strive to limit those mistakes. However, when I do make mistakes, I will admit it and will change course.

Sea Pines is a unique place, think about what we have within our gates: the best beaches in the area, four (4) great golf courses, multiple recreational venues, restaurants, retail and commercial enterprises, numerous water activities, our Forest Preserve, great facilities developed by The Resort and others, etc. (I am sorry if I left anyone out). You can satisfy most all of your needs and pleasures within Sea Pines or within a few hundred yards of Sea Pines. Our own little town within a town.

We are a community with various interests that naturally sometimes are at odds with one another. That is normal in any community. Success is finding a way to mesh those differing interests so that the community as a whole benefits.

Let us work together to maintain and enhance the status of Sea Pines as the premier community in the area.


Thank you,

David Ellis
Sea Pines CSA Board Chair