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Explore Sea Pines from the comfort of your bike

Every major location and activity within Sea Pines is connected by a beautiful 15-mile network of leisure paths.

As a result, bike riding is a preferred mode of transportation of guests and visitors as well as property owners.
Click here for a printable map of the leisure trails throughout Sea Pines.

Rules of the Road
The bicycle paths in Sea Pines are shared by joggers, rollerbladers, and walkers.
To ensure that everyone enjoys our paths, here are a few helpful tips:

  • Stay in single file on the right side of the path.
  • Use of roadway, where bike path exists, is prohibited.
  • Be aware of vehicles, they are not required to stop for bikes.
  • Be considerate of pedestrians and warn them of your approach at least 50' away.
  • Safety equipment such as helmets and horns/bells are recommended for bikers; helmets and kneepads for rollerbladers.
  • Obey all state and local traffic laws, including the use of hand signals and observance of traffic signs.
  • Guests who leave Sea Pines must obtain a pass code reflected at the gate exits to gain re-admittance to the bicycle paths.
  • Please refrain from riding on golf cart paths.
  • Racing or high-speed operations of bikes or rollerblades is prohibited.
  • Night biking is dangerous and is not permitted in Sea Pines.
  • Vehicles should never stop and wave a cyclist on. This will, and does cause accidents in Sea Pines.
  • Use of paths in Sea Pines is limited to residents and guests.
  • In Case of Emergency: For a fire or medical emergency dial 911. For all other emergencies call Sea Pines Security @ 843-671-7170