Sea Pines has beach access paths about every tenth of a mile for property owners and overnight guests staying in Sea Pines who choose to walk or bike to the beach.


Local Hilton Head Island Beach Ordinances
Beach & Water Safety Tips
Hilton Head Tide Chart
Beach Equipment Rentals

The Sea Pines Beach Club
87 N. Sea Pines Dr.
The Sea Pines Beach Club is owned and operated by The Sea Pines Resort and is a lively gathering place for sand and water activities.   This location offers many amenities such as restrooms, food service, a bar, picnic tables, showers, entertainment and activities for children (seasonal).

Sea Pines Beach Shuttle 
A complimentary beach shuttle service, direct from a designated parking lot to The Sea Pines Beach Club is available for the following:
  • Sea Pines property owners
  • Sea Pines property owners personal guests and family members
  • Sea Pines weekly rental pass guest
  • Long term renters and their personal guest
  • *During hours of operations, a lot attendant will be present and day visitors/ commercial vendors will not be allowed access.
  • Click here for more information on the Beach Shuttle Service.

Biking on the beach
The sand below the mid-tide line is usually hard packed enough to support a bicycle with wide tires, and biking on the beach at or near low tide is a popular pastime (be warned that hitting a patch of soft sand will bring you to a very sudden stop). Beach bikers have learned to check the wind direction before heading out – riding into the wind is like riding uphill, and vice versa.