Sea Pines CSA Revenue Funding Resource Page

Sea Pines CSA Revenue Funding Resource Page

This page will be used to communicate information and resources related to the proposed Revenue Funding Proposal as recommended by the Revenue Task Force 

Current Situation
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Experiencing Record-High Occupancy
  • Popular COVID and Post-COVID destination
  • Partially due to increased property owner occupancy
  • In large part, due to increased property owner guests, short term rentals, and visitors
Traffic & Asset Management
  • The Greenwood and Ocean Gates and traffic patterns in these areas have not been addressed due to a lack of funding. Traffic continues to be an issue.
  • Sea Pines Gates are at capacity with the current resources and configuration.
Demand for Sea Pines CSA Related Services Have Increased
  • Public Safety Services- Sea Pines CSA is the 1st line of security for our community, as the Town of Hilton Head Island does not have its own police force.
  • Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office (BSCO) serves the entire County, including the Hilton Head Island area, and has struggled to get to full staff.
  • Land Use Management and compliance issues.
Sea Pines CSA Staffing Challenges
  • Current Job Market
    • Local demand for labor is high and the pool of applicants is small
    • Competing offers
    • Higher hourly rates
    • Sign on + staying bonuses
  • Geographic Location
    • Our geographic location means staff must commute to Sea Pines at their own cost
    • More remote than competing communities making Sea Pines less attractive as an employer

Proposed Solutions

  • Add Additional Law Enforcement Patrol Positions
  • Add Additional Gate Attendants
  • Add Additional Land Use Management Staff
  • Provide Competitive Compensation To Recruit And Retain High-Quality Employees
  • Reconfigure Gates and Facilities Associated with Gate Pass Sales


  • November 16, 2021, Sea Pines CSA Board Meeting
    • Revenue Task Force Proposal (Link)
    • Video of Revenue Task Force Presentation (Link)
  • March 29, 2022, Sea Pines CSA Board Meeting
    • PowerPoint Presentation- Revenue Task Force Update (PDF)
    • Video Of Revenue Task Force Data Presentation  (Link)

What’s Next

At the March 29, 2022, Sea Pines CSA Board of Directors Meeting (Link) additional data to support the recommendations of the Revenue Task Force was presented by Sea Pines CSA staff to the Board and publicly live-streamed to the Community. The Board will take time between now and their upcoming May 19th Board Meeting to continue to consider the presented information.

Questions or Comments?

If your question is not addressed in the documents and resources provided on this page, please send your questions or comments to comments@csaseapines.com. Feedback provided will be collected and submitted to the Sea Pines CSA Board of Directors as they continue to review this information in advance of their upcoming May 19, 2022, Board Meeting.