Recycling Debris Facility
Located inside the Sea Pines Forest Preserve off of Greenwood Drive (1 Pit Road) the Recycling Debris Facility is the location of our processing plant.

This facility is open to Sea Pines property owners Monday- Friday from 7:30 am-4:00 pm. This facility is closed on holidays and weekends.

The CSA Debris Recycling Facility accepts the following vegetative materials: palm fronds, leaves, sticks, branches and vegetative debris (Trees or branches must be under 15 inches in diameter). This facility does not have the ability to process material 15 inches and above. The dumping of paper, plastic, metal, concrete, sand, dirt, clay, building materials or food waste is strictly prohibited in the CSA Debris Recycling Facility. We process over 6000 tons of mulch annually and that mulch is available to Sea Pines Property Owners by request.