Neighborhood Debris Collection

The Sea Pines CSA Maintenance Department will facilitate debris pick up from approved residential drop sites only. This weekly yard waste pick up service provides property owners with collection of “green material”, meaning any plant material that is separated at the point of generation, contains no physical contaminants such as metal, bio solids, food material, mixed solid waste, plastic, chemicals, fertilizers, treated lumber, slag, coal, or foreign objects not originating from a plant. Debris left at pickup locations shall not be bagged. Other debris will not be collected (flower pots, tree stumps, plastic or concrete).

“Green material” includes, but is not limited to, yard trimmings, untreated wood wastes, natural fiber products, trees with approval, and small limbs not over 6” in diameter. Sea Pines CSA processes the “green material” at our Recycling Debris Facility. The “green material” is processed into mulch and provided free of charge to property owners, upon request.

This service and access to the neighborhood debris collection drop off locations are available exclusively for Sea Pines property owners. Landscape and lawn service contractors may not leave debris collected from within Sea Pines at these locations.

Commercial landscapers are required to take the debris to their own drop site outside of the community or they can deliver it to the Sea Pines CSA Debris Recycling Facility located at 1 Pit Road in Sea Pines in the Forest Preserve off of Greenwood Drive. Debris dropped at this site will be processed into ground mulch. Property owners may also take normal yard debris to this designated Recycling Debris Facility in the Forest Preserve.

Deposit of landscape debris at locations not designated by Sea Pines CSA is prohibited. If you are not aware of the yard debris pickup location in your neighborhood, please contact the Sea Pines CSA Maintenance Department at