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Property Owners


Wildlife Management / Nuisance Removal

The Sea Pines Security Department offers a free nuisance animal removal service to Sea Pines Property Owners. We employ a full time Wildlife Officer to assist our Property Owners with these matters. To report a nuisance animal and request removal assistance, contact the Sea Pines Security Department Dispatch Phone Line at 843.671.7170.

It is against the law to feed alligators. Should an alligator in your vicinity become a nuisance or become aggressive, the Wildlife Officer of the Security Department can arrange to have the animal removed. Alligators are generally quiet if they are left alone, but they can move very quickly and often run toward people. DO NOT try to feed them, and do not let your children or pets near them.

Safety precautions regarding alligators in our community:
 Alligators inhabit our area and they do live in Sea Pines, assume every body of water
could contain an alligator.
 Stay vigilant and aware of your surroundings, if you must be near a body of water, use
 Do not approach alligators, no matter how big or small.
 Be mindful of children and pets and make sure they stay away from lagoons and
 Never feed or harass an alligator.
 Swimming or wading in ponds and lagoons is prohibited.
 Use caution when fishing near any body of water. Do not throw fish scraps into any
body of water.
 Do not attempt to move or capture an alligator.
 Feeding, harassing, or the unlawful killing or taking of alligators can result in substantial
fines and/or jail time.

We need your assistance in remaining vigilant and alert about our surroundings. Be aware of
your safety and the safety of others, if you see something, say something. To report an
aggressive or nuisance alligator or to report any safety concerns regarding alligators, please
immediately contact the Sea Pines Security Department Dispatch Phone Line at 843.671.7170.