Lagoon Maintenance

Sea Pines CSA managed open space lagoons are treated by a licensed herbicide applicator according to a prescribed schedule. No one lagoon is treated more frequently than every ten days to two weeks, depending on the chemicals used for each lagoon and the type of vegetation being controlled.

To request additional information regarding our lagoon maintenance program, please contact Sea Pines CSA Maintenance Department by phone at 843.671.7849 or by email at

Additional Information

When we experience abnormally high tides, saltwater tidal inundation occurs in many of our lagoons. Often it tops the control structures that help regulate water movement into and out of our lagoon system.

Lagoon turnover caused by tidal activity and other various causes (low rainfall, abundant organic debris, and seasonal water temperature changes) can lead to:

  • Fish kills in the lagoon system, as a result of oxygen depletion in the lagoon.
  • Lagoon discoloration and/or odor, which are caused when the decaying organic material is emulsified and floats to the surface.

There are no chemical cures for lagoon turnover and in most cases, chemical use will compound the issue.

Sea Pines CSA conducts cleanup and remediation efforts as needed and will continue to actively monitor the lagoons within Sea Pines in order to manage these events when they occur.