Community Updates

Special Assessment Update

As we indicated through our various previous e-mail messages and as you have seen upon your return to Hilton Head Island after Matthew, the hurricane caused significant damages to the Sea Pines Community. Damages we will continue to determine, correct, replace and repair well into the future.

Due to the extensive recovery cost to our community The CSA Board of Directors has initiated a special assessment. The Special Assessment will be in the amount of the 2016 Assessment ($1,018 for Improved Lots and $607 for Unimproved Lots). The Special Assessment was mailed out to our Property Owners on December 9th, 2016 in conjunction with the 2017 Annual Assessment.

The CSA Board of Directors recognizes the devastating impact that Hurricane Matthew has had on all of us and the entire Sea Pines community. This special assessment due to Hurricane Matthew recovery is creating yet another burden that you do not need now or at anytime. While we wish we had better news, the reality of the damage to Sea Pines necessitates the requirement for the special assessment.

While the special assessment is due by January 13, 2017, the CSA Board of Directors has approved and is granting an extension of time to remit this special assessment payment until June 1, 2017 with no added penalty or interest.

You will not need to apply for this extension, it is automatically being granted to all Sea Pines property owners. If you are still experiencing a hardship as of June 1, 2017, we will offer an additional four month extension until October 1, 2017, at a minimal interest rate of 4% annually to be paid in equal installments.

Payment plans are available, please contact Stephanie Gannon at or (843) 671-7817 or Santonia Chisolm at or (843) 671-7824 if you need additional information.

CSA has created a page on our website dedicated to Special Assessment updates. To view these updates please visit