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Fire Prevention Tips From Hilton Head Fire & Rescure

If debris piles seem dry, turn on lawn irrigation system or use a garden hose daily to wet down the debris piles.

To prevent cigarettes from starting fires, always dispose of them in places where they cannot be a source of ignition. Placing a cigarette in a cup of water after use is a great way to prevent them from causing fires. Ashtrays work well too, but make sure they are contained and that the still-lit butt cannot blow towards a potential source of ignition. Never simply discard a cigarette on the ground or throw it out a car window.

It is important to be mindful of the role vehicles can play in starting fires. Never park any type of vehicle on or near dry vegetation; the heat from the exhaust can cause it to ignite.

Don’t park on grass. Don’t park vehicles and other motorized equipment on dry grass or near debris piles. Exhaust systems can far exceed the 500 degrees it takes to start a brush fire.

Never leave barbeque grills unattended. Place your grill on concrete or away from your home and any debris piles. If using charcoal or wood, make sure that the fire has been extinguished by soaking it with a garden hose before disposing of the coals.