Community Updates

Sea Pines CSA Maintenance Projects Around the Community (12/9/21-12/16/21

Stormwater Ditch Cleaning

Stormwater Ditch Cleaning on Greenwood Drive (near the Welcome Center) was completed this week. Ditch cleaning near the open space behind homes along North Sea Pines Drive (#76 – #70) will begin the week of December 13th.

Stormwater Repairs
Stormwater repairs will occur near #70 Club Course Drive. One lane of traffic will be closed, and flagmen will be present.
A catch basin repair will occur on Wildwood Road next week.
Roadway Asphalt Repairs
Minor asphalt repairs began this week and will continue the week of December 13th along Canvasback Road, Greenwood Drive (near Loblolly Road), Black Tern Road, Long Marsh Lane, Willow Oak West, weather permitting. Traffic control will be in place, as needed.
Stormwater Drainage Repairs at South Beach
Sea Pines CSA’s contractor completed well-pointing operations for drainage repairs and began excavation near Wren Pond this week. The drainage repairs will take approximately 2-3 weeks to complete, weather permitting.


Leisure Trail Repairs
Backfilling edges of the leisure trails throughout the community will begin the week of December 13th.

Lagoon Tree Trimming
Lagoon Tree Trimming will take place the week of December 13th at Willow Oak and Willow Oak West.