Community Updates

Sea Pines CSA Maintenance Projects Around the Community (10/14/21-10/21/21)

Roadside mulching
Roadside mulching along Lighthouse Road will be completed this week. Mulching will begin along Greenwood Drive (by lot 8) next week, weather permitting. Flagmen will be present as needed to assist with traffic flow. Drivers should use caution in these designated work zones.

Beachwalk Stormwater Repairs
Stormwater repairs will be taking place at Beachwalks #47 & #43A the week of October 25th, weather permitting. The beachwalks will be open during the project, but we ask that pedestrians use caution.

Leisure Trail Tree Trimming
Leisure trail tree trimming will begin the week of October 25th along Heritage Woods. Leisure trails will remain open and we ask that pedestrians and bikers proceed with caution. Flagmen will be present, as needed.

For questions, please contact the Sea Pines CSA Maintenance Department by phone at 843.671.7849 or by email at