Community Updates

Sea Pines CSA Board of Directors Meeting Held 3.29.2022

On Tuesday, March 29th, the Sea Pines CSA Board of Directors met and covered a number of important topics. A recap of the meeting action items, a link to the meeting video as well as timestamped links can be found below.

Sea Pines CSA March 29, 2022, Board Meeting Recap

Click here to view the Board Meeting recap and important action items.

Revenue Task Force Update

At the March 29th Board Meeting, additional data to support the recommendations of the Revenue Task Force was presented by Sea Pines CSA staff to the Board of Directors. The meeting video, the presentation made by staff, and the initial Revenue Task Force Proposal are available on our website at

The Board will take the time between now and their upcoming May 19th Board Meeting to continue to consider the presented information regarding Revenue Funding and encourages Members to review the information provided and to submit any questions or feedback to for their consideration.

Sea Pines CSA Board of Directors Meeting Video Available

Click here to view the full live-streamed Board Meeting or click the links below to be taken directly to that portion of the meeting.

Timestamps of Board Meeting: