Community Updates

Reminders From The LUM Department: Ground Cover and Exterior Lighting

Developed Property Landscaping Maintenance Reminders

  • Ground cover (e.g., mulch, pine straw) shall be applied periodically to maintain a neat, clean appearance.
  • Ground (e.g., dirt) shall not be left exposed without landscaping or ground cover.
  • Ground cover materials not fully distributed within three (3) weeks of delivery to the property may be considered vegetative debris.
  • Fallen leaves are permitted as landscaping ground cover, but shall be removed with reasonable frequency to maintain a neat, clean appearance, without extensive leaf buildup on the property.
Exterior Lighting Reminder
  • Bright exterior lighting may not be left on for extended periods, and/or after 10 PM. In no case shall they shine into a neighbor’s residence or property.
To report an alleged violation of the Land Use Rules and Regulations, please contact Ryan Kash, Sea Pines CSA Land Use Monitor via our online request form.