Community Updates

Property Owner Feedback Requested

Dear Sea Pines Property Owner,

In 2013, a community-wide Task Force was created to develop an initial Long Range Plan for the CSA organization. The Task Force’s intent was to form a foundation of ideas and possibilities for making Sea Pines the best community on Hilton Head Island. An appeal for property owner’s input and feedback was made and over 600 suggestions were received from 450+ property owners. These suggestions helped us form the building blocks for our existing Long Range Plan approved by the CSA Board in February of 2015. Now in the 3rd year of that Plan, we need to look forward again for an update and extension of that original document. To do so, like before, we need your assistance.

Your input in answering the following critical questions is needed and is important to our future planning process:
1. What do we need to make Sea Pines a better community on Hilton Head Island? (Your Needs List)
2. What do we need to make Sea Pines the best community on Hilton Head Island? (Your Wish List)

After considering your answers, email them to:

We look forward to your vision becoming our reality.
Thanks for your participation,

Michael Tucker
CSA Long Range Strategic Planning Committee Chairman