Community Updates

Neighborhood Debris Drop Off Sites

Effective Monday March 20th, 2017 CSA will once again begin servicing our neighborhood debris drop off sites following Hurricane Matthew. These drop off sites are for Sea Pines Property Owners only and are to be used for debris that you the property owner collect from your private property.

Permitted items in the neighborhood debris drop-off sites include the following:
-Palm fronds, leaves, sticks, branches and vegetative debris (Trees or branches must be under 15 inches in diameter). Please note CSA does not have the ability to process material 15 inches and above.

Un-authorized items in the neighborhood debris drop-off sites include the following:
-The dumping of paper, plastic, metal, concrete, building materials, vegetative wood materials 15 inches and above or food waste are strictly prohibited.
-Commercial landscapers are NOT permitted to dump landscaping debris in the neighborhood drop sites or roadside within Sea Pines
-Commercial landscapers must take the debris collected from Sea Pines property owner homes to the CSA Debris Recycling facility located off of Greenwood Drive near the main trolley lot. This location is open between the hours of 7:30 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday.
-There are penalties in place for contractors caught dumping debris roadside or dumping in designated neighborhood drop sites. If you observe a Commercial Landscaper dumping in these neighborhood drop sites, please contact Sea Pines Security at 843.671.7170 and provide the company name.