Community Updates

Land Use Rules and Regulations Property Appearance Reminders

  • Trash cans and recycling bins shall be kept in service yards at all times. Curbside trash pickup is not provided in Sea Pines.
  • Power washing is an effective way to refresh the look of your home, driveway, and/or fence and helps to remove any exterior mold or mildew.
  • Lawns shall be routinely cut and maintained to ensure grass height of 6 inches or less. Bushes shall be trimmed to maintain a neat appearance. Trees and palms shall be maintained in a manner to maintain a neat appearance. Bedded areas shall be kept clear of overgrowth. Vines shall be removed that threaten to encroach onto abutting properties, including CSA open space.
  • Please remember to submit an ARB application to obtain the necessary approval for any/all exterior projects or repairs. If you have any questions or concerns regarding a project, please contact the Sea Pines ARB by phone at 843.671.5533 or email at

To report an alleged violation of the Land Use Rules and Relegations, please contact Ryan Kash, Sea Pines CSA Land Use Monitor via our online request form.