Community Updates

Hurricane Ian Weather Advisory 9.30.22 | 3:30 PM

Hurricane Ian Update
Hurricane Ian made landfall over the northern South Carolina coast this afternoon and is moving away from our area.
Sea Pines CSA Operations Update

SPCSA tree contractor assisting with the removal of fallen tree branches
Fallen tree across a road near Acorn Lane and Ivy Road
Trimming bamboo leaning into vehicle travel lanes due to being full of water
  • The Sea Pines Pass Office, Sea Pines entrance gates, security, Welcome Center, and our security dispatch phone line at 843-671-7170 are all operational at this time. Sea Pines Maintenance staff and additional Sea Pines Security staff will remain on-site throughout the duration of the storm to ensure we can continue to respond as needed, conditions permitting.
  • There is some beach erosion so our staff will be checking each of our boardwalks as the tide falls and we will make repairs as needed beginning next week.
  • We will continue to monitor lagoon levels through the afternoon as well as continue cleanup efforts with our employees and contractors into next week.


  • The Sea Pines Forest Preserve, Six Oaks Cemetery and Tower Beach will reopen tomorrow, October 1 at 7AM.
  • Sea Pines daily visitor gate pass sales at both gates will resume at 7:00 AM tomorrow, October 1st.
  • Sea Pines CSA Administration Office, Sea Pines ARB and the Sea Pines Community Center will resume normal operating hours on Monday, October 3rd.

We will continue to keep you updated via our communication resources: