Community Updates

Governance Committee Task Forces Seek Governance Topic Exploration Recommendations

Over the past few months, questions have been raised about how your Sea Pines Community is governed. Questions have been raised about policies, procedures and plans, all of which are valid issues. The CSA Governance Committee has been meeting to discuss these and other Governance issues.

The Governance Committee and the 6 task forces within the Governance committee are asking for your input as to what areas of governance you feel they need to be reviewing.

If you have topic exploration recommendations for the Governance Committee task forces to consider, please click here to make your submission.

Submissions on additional topic exploration recommendations will be collected from October 2-23, 2019. The deadline to submit is October 23, 2019, at 4:30 PM.

Information provided in this collector will be sent to the Governance Committee for their review and consideration.

Thank you in advance for your topic recommendations.