Community Updates

Chairman’s Monthly Report-October 29, 2021

It’s almost Halloween, and I am pleased to note that your Sea Pines CSA Board is working on some “treats” – no tricks — for action at our upcoming November 16th Meeting.

First, as initiated at our last meeting, our Sea Pines CSA Staff have continued their investigation of commercially available leaf blowers, as we work toward consideration of a new “noise pollution” standard for our community. There is little disagreement that lowering the noise levels created by our commercial landscaping companies is a good objective – made even more important as Sea Pines has become “fully” built out. But we need to consider how to do so in a commercially reasonable manner that is fair to the number of small businesses that will be required to comply.

The Board will also be considering the Budget for FY 2022, recommended by our staff and Finance Committee. We will also get a report from our Revenue Task Force that has been working for several months to find new sources of funding. We need more revenue in order to meet the demand for reasonable, but competitively higher compensation levels for our current staffing levels and for the necessary increase in our Security and Maintenance staffing, that we simply must have if we are to retain Sea Pines as a “premiere” community.

Finally, November is our “election” month, with four candidates (including yours truly) running for three open Sea Pines CSA Class “A” Board seats. We have each provided a vision of our expected contributions to the Board — in written statements and during the recently video’d Candidates Forum; I encourage property owners to view all of these materials at

Being our first year using online voting, we’ve chosen to mail paper ballots to every eligible residential property during this transition year. But I encourage all property owners to take advantage of the new, easier, and quicker online voting process if you can.

Every election has consequences, and I know that all of the candidates would welcome a very high voter turnout. So when you get your ballot PLEASE vote – this year online OR by mail!!

As always, I welcome your questions and concerns at And on behalf of the entire Board, we certainly welcome your continued interest and support.

Larry Movshin
Sea Pines CSA Board Chairman