Community Updates

ASPPPO Governance Task Force Feedback on ASPPPO Proposed Bylaw Amendments Requested

After months of work by a diverse and talented group of volunteers, we now have a proposed new set of bylaws for the Association of Sea Pines Plantation Property Owners (ASPPPO). We believe they are a great improvement over our decades old and obsolete present bylaws. They are currently undergoing review by legal counsel for conformance with South Carolina law.
We will collect comments from the community on the ASPPPO Proposed Bylaw Amendments from August 28- September 11, 2018 (Closing at 6:00 PM). Comments provided will be shared with the ASPPPO governance taskforce and the ASPPPO Board of Directors.
We hope to introduce the ASPPPO Proposed Bylaw Amendments for ASPPPO board ratification at our September 20th board meeting, which will be held at 9 AM at the Sea Pines Community Center (71 Lighthouse Road Suite #120).
Click here to review the ASPPPO Proposed By-Law Amendments and provide your feedback. (Deadline to provide feedback is September 11, 2018 by 6:00 PM)