Community Updates

A Letter From Bret Martin, Sea Pines CSA President (8/27/18)

August 27, 2018
Dear Sea Pines Property Owner,
Summer is coming to a close and we have already seen traffic start to reduce. Earlier this spring, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Heritage Golf Tournament. A lot has changed since those early days, Sea Pines and Hilton Head Island have seen dramatic growth over time.
Four years ago, we were developing the first drafts of our long-range plan. A key part of this plan was to engage with you more frequently and ask for your input on key issues facing Sea Pines. You told us loud and clear that traffic ingress and egress to Sea Pines were very high concerns. With this in mind, CSA has developed options to help improve these conditions.
After many meetings, input from our property owners, discussions with the Town, traffic and civil engineers and representatives of our staff, we have come up with a plan. Although the plan has additional variables and some of it depends on the action of others, (i.e. private commercial landowners and the Town), we are moving forward with what we believe will be a significant improvement to your ability to gain access through the Greenwood gate.
Imagine if traffic along Greenwood Drive did not have to be segregated and stopped at the gate. If those entering Sea Pines could pick up or purchase their pass before ever arriving at the Greenwood gate. We believe we have a solution that will allow us to do this.
Last spring, as most of you know, we purchased the Gallery of Shops building located at 14 Greenwood Drive, just prior to The Sea Pines Resort’s Welcome Center. We believe this is the best location available to implement the first priority of this plan; to move the sale and issuance of passes out of the lane of travel along Greenwood Drive.
In late July, CSA presented our initial project plan for this location to the community for input and feedback. Click here to view that meeting video. We heard from over 575 property owners who provided feedback regarding our proposed plan. Your feedback and insights are appreciated and helpful as we continue to develop our future plans. Although a site plan was presented at the meeting to demonstrate what would fit on the site, additional design work and thoughts continue to be evaluated and developed. At our last Community Coffee I spoke about our increased gate fees and the extent of the traffic volume at our gates, click here to see more about this update.
No plan or project is perfect, but we are excited about the prospects to greatly improve your entry experience into Sea Pines. We look forward to continuing to share more details as project plans are developed.
Bret Martin
Sea Pines CSA, President