Community Updates

A Message From The Sea Pines CSA Board Chair, November 20, 2023

Congratulations to the Sea Pines POA and to the Sea Pines Resort for successfully conducting a referendum approved by a 95% vote.

Praise also goes to our property owners for your overwhelming support. It is wonderful to see that level of support from our community.

Your approval of this referendum and of the 2020 Critical Infrastructure referendum demonstrates that we are more united than some people would have us believe. We must continue that unity to accomplish much more that needs to be done.

On another front, we will be asking you to assist with our efforts to address traffic concerns. The Greenwood Drive Task Force now has a webpage on Sea Pines CSA’s website where you can submit comments and stay up-to-date with the latest information as it is posted. While the page is new and not very extensive at the moment, it will eventually become a valuable resource for the most current updates on this matter.

We would like to invite you to join us as speakers at the Town Council meetings and other public meetings to emphasize the urgency of addressing Sea Pines traffic issues. If you are willing to be a speaker, please sign up using the contact form provided on the Greenwood Drive Task Force webpage at

The Greenwood Drive Task Force has been hard at work and is currently in the process of interviewing traffic engineering firms to assist us. In addition, we are actively pursuing government funding for the work needed on Greenwood Drive, which is owned by Sea Pines CSA, but is tied to several public roads in addition to the Sea Pines Circle.

The high volume of traffic in our area is a serious problem and our top priority. We must be willing to take any necessary steps to resolve it. This will require a financial commitment on our part, but we must be prepared to invest in finding a solution.

As soon as we have some solid information to present, we will. We will involve you and want your participation as this moves forward. My philosophy is to keep the community informed and when ideas developed through this process have merit, we will bring them to you.

Thank you for trusting us to do this vital work for you. We know many of you have the skills to help at various steps along the way. We will endeavor to utilize your skills.

We have a wonderful community and at this Thanksgiving season, let’s be thankful for the life we have in Sea Pines.


David Ellis
Sea Pines CSA Board Chair