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A Letter from Sam Bennett, Sea Pines CSA President

November 5, 2020

Dear Sea Pines property owners,

I wanted to provide a follow up to my previous letter regarding the long term needs of Sea Pines infrastructure. At the end of this letter you will find a spreadsheet that breaks down the projects and their anticipated cost.

As previously discussed, CSA has identified $51 million in necessary infrastructure projects over the next 10 years. Annually, CSA has approximately $2.4 million available to spend on capital expenditures (vehicles, equipment, etc.), facility repairs and infrastructure projects. Of this, CSA historically spends approximately $1.6 million on infrastructure projects, so $16 million is available for this future 10‐year need. The $35 million deficit is what must be raised over the next decade to repair and rebuild our aging infrastructure.

The 10-year expenditure cost estimates were developed using several documents and resources. The first is the 2016 Hydrology Study that examined our community’s drainage needs for the next 25 years. The second is a recently completed Sea Pines Capital Reserve Study. The Study, conducted by an outside consultant, itemizes CSA’s physical assets, including roads, leisure trails, bridges, facilities, vehicles and equipment, and estimates the cost and year of replacement of each asset based on its current condition. The Study looks out more than 10 years, but does not include repairs, improvements, or replacements of drainage infrastructure. Based on these two studies, current observations of infrastructure in the field, the actual reconstruction costs for the recently completed Greenwood Drive and Lighthouse Road projects, and the bids received last month to reconstruct and rebuild North Sea Pines Drive (Ocean Gate to Lighthouse Road), we believe we have a solid understanding of our infrastructure needs and their anticipated cost

For a printable version of the file, please click here. We hope you find this information helpful. As always, we look forward to keeping you informed as we move through this process to address our community’s critical infrastructure needs.


Sam Bennett
Sea Pines CSA President

Sea Pines Community Critical Infrastructure Projects For the Next Ten Years