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2020 Board Of Director Election Information & Reminders

Board of Director Ballot Information

Board of Director Election Ballots were mailed to eligible members on October 30, 2020. If you did not receive your ballot by November 6, 2020, you may request a replacement ballot package by emailing and include your full name and Sea Pines property address.

Please return your ballot, postmarked by December 1, 2020, to Elliot Davis, LLC our 3rd party ballot auditor by mail at:

Elliott Davis, LLC
Attn: Tabitha Hobbs
100 Calhoun Street, Suite 300
Charleston, SC 29401-9945

Learn More About Your Sea Pines CSA Board Candidates

Candidate profiles, including “Why I Wish to Serve the Sea Pines Community” statements and answers to the questions submitted from the community have been posted to our website. Please click here to view each candidate’s profile and information or click each candidates link below:

Sea Pines CSA “Class A” Board Candidates

  • Click here to read William (Bill) Johnson’s Candidate Profile
  • Click here to read Charlie Miner’s Candidate Profile
  • Click here to read Robert M. Quinn’s Candidate Profile
  • Click here to read Stu Rodman’s Candidate Profile
  • Click here to read Gregory M. Thomson’s Candidate Profile

Meet the Candidates Event: Click here to watch the recorded video.

Click here for 2020 Sea Pines CSA Board of Directors Election Information. Please participate in this year’s Board of Director’s election and make your vote count!