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A Letter From Larry Movshin CSA Board Chairman, RE: Tropical Storm Elsa

July 8, 2021

Tropical Storm Elsa’s arrival in Sea Pines clearly exceeded expectations created by the weather reports received even as late as 11 PM last night, with significantly more rain and higher wind and wind gusts than we had anticipated and hoped for. As early as 2 am, it was clear to Sam Bennett and our Sea Pines CSA Maintenance and Security teams that the impact on our roads and pathways was significant, and they began clearing off our many blocked major roads and arteries as soon as it was safe to do so. We can all be very proud of the work accomplished by our Sea Pines CSA team, which had most major roads cleared well before 6 am, with secondary roadway clearance soon following. Thank you to all of our Sea Pines CSA staff, who worked diligently through the night under very difficult conditions to make our roads safe for emergency vehicles as soon as possible. We can also be thankful for the efforts made over the last several months to clear our drainage ditches, which helped reduce the number of roads flooded by the torrential rains.

A significant amount of cleanup work remains for today and for the next few days, as we work to clear all of our roads and leisure trails and then haul the vast amounts of debris away. And as we have learned from past storms, there remains some likelihood that additional tree limbs will come down, already loosened by Tropical Storm Elsa, so the potential for damage or injury remains. I am therefore asking all of those in residence to limit travel on the roads and leisure trails for your safety and to allow our Sea Pines CSA Staff to continue their important work. And for those property owners and property management companies who are currently renting their homes, I am URGING you please to contact your renters as soon as possible to strongly counsel them to limit their use of our leisure trails for the next several days to avoid injury and allow our teams to do their work most efficiently. You are the key to keeping these visitors and guests in Sea Pines safe!

We can all be thankful that there has been limited damage and no reports of personal injury in Sea Pines. By remaining careful and cautious in using our roads and trails, we can improve the likelihood that this will remain the case for Tropical Storm Elsa’s visit to our community.


Larry Movshin
CSA Board Chairman