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Heritage Farm

Heritage Farm is located on Greenwood Drive across from the Lawton Stables and has been described as “a hidden treasure in plain sight” and “the best deal for Sea Pines residents.”  Surrounded by a split rail fence, the main entry at the parking lot has signage inviting people to enter the area for a closer look but another sign discourages taking souvenirs by stating, “no picking.”  Visitors come year after year to see the wide variety of fresh vegetables, the wild flower plot, and many assorted rose bushes.

The eight acres has over 50 full plots with an estimated measurement of 40 feet X 40 feet.  Only a few members have rented full plots with the majority opting for a quarter plot that measures 20 feet X 20 feet, still large enough to grow a bounty of vegetables and/or flowers.

The Farm is a non-profit association started in 1983 and maintained by a volunteer Board of Directors that oversees the activities of the membership.  Volunteers join various work crews to assist with the upkeep of, not only their own plots, but the common areas as well.  This includes mowing the pathways around and between plots, repairing fences, gates and the irrigation system.

For over 30 years, the Farm has dedicated plots for growing a variety of seasonal vegetables for the area’s charitable organizations such as Deep Well, Sandlewood Food Pantry, Holy Family Church and several other groups.   Labeled the “Charity Plot Committee” volunteers of over 20 members plant and care for Vidalia onions in the winter months with spring weather allowing the planting of Red Pontiac potatoes.  By summer, planting of vegetables donated by The Greenery takes the place of the harvested onions.  Many members with an excess of produce from their own plots, also donate to this effort.

Although the Farm’s fiscal year begins on September 1st of each year, rental of plots are available to residents year-round.  Residents interested in becoming a part of the Heritage Farm may call Larry Holdren at 843-363-9309 to schedule an orientation tour to review guidelines and select an available plot.