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Security Administration Department

Administration Office Information

Security Administration Staff:

Business Office Hours: Monday – Friday from 7:30am to 4:30pm
Address: 175 Greenwood Drive, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928
Contact Us: 843.671.1343 | securityadmin@csaseapines.com | Send us a question online here

New Owners

If you purchased property in Sea Pines, please stop by the CSA office during normal office hours to meet with a member of our staff. We will assist you to update your new property’s information, obtain property owner ID cards, and vehicle decals (if applicable). You may wish to email any closing documents in advance of your visit to our office to expedite the changes. (securityadmin@csaseapines.com) Please call our office with any questions at 843.671.1343.

Property Owner Decals and ID Cards

The Security Administration office oversees the issuance of vehicle decals and property owner identification cards. The vehicle decals and ID cards are an essential part of our mission. Our helpful staff can assist you by providing up-to-date information regarding vehicle decal policies, procedures, rules, and regulations. To apply for decals or to request a property owner ID card, click here. Property owners may also stop by the Sea Pines CSA office for assistance with ID card and vehicle decals.


Payment for invoices from Sea Pines Community Services Associates, Inc (SPCSA) can be dropped off at the office during normal office hours. Our staff will be happy to accept payments and review your account information. Staff can only accept checks in the office. If you wish to pay online click here. You may also mail your payment to the address on your invoice.

Heritage Hangtags

In preparation for the annual RBC Heritage, the Security Administration office staff is responsible for distributing Heritage hangtags to Sea Pines property owners, property managers, service providers, and long term renters. Staff will also coordinate access for various companies during the tournament. Click here for more information.

Fishing Permits

Sea Pines rental and property owner guests that wish to enjoy fishing in Sea Pines’ lagoons and in the Forest Preserve’s lakes can purchase a $5 fishing permit at the Sea Pines CSA office. Permits are valid for the duration of your stay in Sea Pines. Our staff will provide important information with your permit. Sea Pines property owners can use their property owner ID card in lieu of a fishing permit.

The permit is valid for up to 5 people in a group. Additional permits may be purchased for larger groups.


A selection of Sea Pines Forest Preserve and Sea Pines Trolley t-shirts, hats, notecards, and other related merchandise are available at the security administration office. Please stop by during office hours to browse and purchase from the current selection. Cash or check only, please.

Lost and Found

Sea Pines Security is available 24 hours a day. All items that are found in Sea Pines are turned into security. Please call 843.671.7170 to inquire about lost items.

Employee Bike Passes

Employees that work inside Sea Pines and ride their bicycle to work can obtain a bicycle pass to enter Sea Pines. Download the Employee Bicycle Pass form and have your manager/supervisor complete the form, then return it to the Sea Pines CSA office.

Annual Decals

Service providers, employees, long term renters, island residents, and non-residents can apply for an annual decal which is valid for the calendar year. Visit seapinesliving.com/request to complete the application. Sea Pines CSA accepts requests for annual decals online only.



Q: I’m a property owner in Sea Pines and I just bought a new car. How do I get a new decal for my new car?

A: Property owners can complete the online request for a new decal if the vehicle has a permanent license plate. If the new car still has a temporary license plate (paper plate), please call the guest pass office for a temporary pass at 843.671.7277 or you may show a valid property owner ID card to the gate officer for entry into Sea Pines.

Q: Is there a decal that my children can request if I’m a property owner in Sea Pines?

A: Yes, relatives (grandson, granddaughter, father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, sister or brother) and children (son/daughter) of Sea Pines property owners can request a relative decal. This must be renewed annually. Please visit seapinesliving.com/request to request a relative decal. Sea Pines CSA accepts requests for annual decals online only. If the child has never had a decal, send written permission to securityadmin@csaseapines.com before requesting the decal.

Q: I’m renting in Sea Pines. Can I get a decal for my car?

A: If you are renting long term (more than 6 months) and can provide Sea Pines CSA with a signed lease agreement, you may request a long-term renter decal which is renewed annually. Visit seapinesliving.com/request to complete the application. Sea Pines CSA accepts requests for annual decals online only.

Q: My company needs a decal for a vehicle used to enter Sea Pines for work purposes. Can I get a decal for that vehicle?

A: Yes, vehicles that enter Sea Pines for work purposes may request a commercial decal which is renewed annually. Property management, commercial cleaning, and restaurant delivery vehicles may apply for a commercial hangtag. Visit seapinesliving.com/request to complete a request. Sea Pines CSA only accepts online requests for annual decals.

Q: Does my property owner ID card expire?

A: Yes, your Sea Pines CSA ID card has an expiration date printed on it. If your ID card is expired, please visit seapinesliving.com/request to renew it or visit the Sea Pines CSA office during office hours. ID cards may be renewed up to 30 days prior to the expiration date printed the ID. ID cards are valid for entry at the gates, resort amenity access, discounts, beach access, and to gain access to Harbour Town pool.

Q: Who can access Tower Beach?

A: Tower Beach is a Sea Pines property owner amenity that is available exclusively for Sea Pines property owners and their accompanied guests. When entering the Tower Beach parking lot, please ensure that the vehicle has a current decal or show a valid Sea Pines property owner ID card to the gate officer.

Q: Can Sea Pines property owners use the Sea Pines Resort pool, fitness center, beach club, golf courses, and other Sea Pines Resort amenities?

A: The Sea Pines Resort does provide Sea Pines property owners with access to certain resort amenities. Visit www.seapines.com/owner-packages for more information.

Q: Can Sea Pines property owners receive a discount at shops and restaurants in Sea Pines?

A: Please inquire at the shop or restaurant to receive a discount. Sea Pines Resort restaurants will generally offer a discount to Sea Pines property owners with a valid Sea Pines CSA property owner ID card.

Q: I’m visiting Sea Pines for the day, and I purchased a daily visitor pass. Can I go to the beach in Sea Pines?

A: No. Beach access in Sea Pines is private and is available only to owners and resort guests.

Q: I am visiting Hilton Head Island, and I would like to ride my bicycle into Sea Pines.

A: The bicycle path entrances at the gates are private and an access code or gate authorization is needed to open the bicycle path gate. If you would like to enjoy the leisure trails in Sea Pines, consider bringing in your bicycle on your vehicle. There is an additional charge of $1 per bike.

Q: I have a question or concern and I am not sure who to contact. Is there an email or phone number I can call?

A: Please visit seapinesliving.com/contact-us to send us your question. We will direct it to the appropriate department at Sea Pines CSA.

Q: When does the Sea Pines Trolley run in Sea Pines?

A: The Sea Pines Trolley runs from late May to early September and on select holiday dates and times. Visit seapinesliving.com/trolley for more information. The Sea Pines trolleys are also available to rent for Sea Pines Property Owners. Call 843.671.7844 for information.

Q: Can Sea Pines property owners access any other communities in a vehicle with a Sea Pines Property Owner decal?

A: Yes! Sea Pines property owners that have a property owner decal on their vehicle have reciprocal access into Hilton Head Plantation.

Q: Is a child of a Sea Pines property owner able to request an ID card?

A: Yes! A son or daughter of a Sea Pines property owner, age 26 or younger, may request a dependent ID card. Visit seapinesliving.com/request or stop by the Sea Pines CSA office during office hours.

Q: Is the Tower Beach pavilion available for a party or event that I am hosting?

A: Yes! The pavilion at Tower Beach can be reserved for an event, gathering, or party. Please visit seapinesliving.com/towerbeach for more information.

Q: Do I need a permit to paint my home?

A: The Sea Pines ARB can help you with any changes that you would like to make to the exterior of your property. Please visit www.SeaPinesARB.com or call their office at 843.671.5533. A permit is needed to make any exterior changes to your property including repairs to the exterior, additions, roof replacement, tree removal, etc.

Q: Is Fish Island in the Sea Pines Forest Preserve available to reserve for an event?

A: Yes! Fish Island can be reserved. It features a covered picnic area, fire pit, fishing dock, restrooms, parking, power and water. Contact David Henderson at 843.671.7827 or email wildlife@csaseapines.com to inquire about reserving Fish Island.

Q: I have a concern about a lagoon in Sea Pines. Who can I contact?

A: Please contact CSA Maintenance at 843.671.7849 with any concerns about the lagoons in Sea Pines. You can also email your concern to csamaintenance@csaseapines.com.

Q: I am leaving for an extended period. Can someone check on my property while I am away?

A: Yes. Sea Pines Security does provide Absentee Owner House Checks. Contact the dispatch office at 843.671.7170 or email dispatch@csaseapines.com.

Q: Is there a cemetery in Sea Pines?

A: Yes. Six Oaks Cemetery and Park is located on Greenwood Drive in Sea Pines. Contact John Hunter at (843) 671-7831 or visit www.SixOaksCemetery.com for more information.

Q: Is there a place where I can grow plants and vegetables.

A: Yes. Heritage Farm is located on Greenwood Drive across from Lawton Stables in Sea Pines. Property owners can inquire about plots in the eight-acre Heritage Farm by contacting Larry Holdren at 843.363.9309 to schedule an orientation tour to review guidelines and select an available plot.

Q: Where can I find beach rules and regulations?

A: While the beaches in Sea Pines have private access, the actual beach is governed by the Town of Hilton Head Island. Visit hiltonheadislandsc.gov/beach for more information.

Q: What are the protected areas on the beach?

A: Beginning in May and through October, Loggerhead Sea Turtles arrive on the beaches in Sea Pines to lay eggs. These areas are located and marked by dedicated volunteers that study the activity all along the 13.5-miles of beaches on Hilton Head Island including Sea Pines. Click here for more information. The dunes on the shore are also protected and should not be disturbed. Click here for more information.

Q: Can I fish from the shore on the beach?

A: Fishing on the shore is allowed but a fishing license from the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) is required when fishing in saltwater. Click here for more information. Be careful not to leave anything behind once you are finished fishing.

Q: Where can I find the policy for gate access into Sea Pines?

A: The gate entry policy is located on our website here.

Q: Can I rent my property in Sea Pines?

A: Sea Pines CSA does not restrict rentals in Sea Pines. If you would like to register your property as a rental, short term or long term, contact Bruce Perry at 843.671.7277. An annual rental fee will apply to any rental properties in Sea Pines.