The Sea Pines Shell Ring

Sea Pines Forest Preserve

Hilton Head Island SC 29928

The Sea Pines Shell Ring in the Forest Preserve was built at the time of the Great Pyramids of Egypt—4,800 years ago.

The Sea Pines Shell Ring is listed on the National Register of Historic places and is an excellent place to learn more about the native peoples who lived on Hilton Head Island thousands of years ago. The ring is relatively small, with the shell mound measuring almost 200 feet across and only reaching a few feet high. Despite being small, the Sea Pines Shell Ring has long been a very important place. The ring was first established 4,800 years ago, making it one of the oldest rings in the region.

Where is The Sea Pines Shell Ring?
A short walk starting at the east entrance of the Forest Preserve (off Lawton Drive) leads to The Sea Pines Shell Ring, which is well marked. The Sea Pines Shell Ring remains a sacred and significant part of our past. It remains in near pristine condition and should be respected by not disturbing or removing anything from the site.


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