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14 Greenwood Drive Information

Information regarding 14 Greenwood Drive (Gallery of Shops)


October 2015

Property owner survey conducted to gather information and feedback on several key services and initiatives that were currently being provided or considered for the future. Owners provide feedback on the importance of the LRSP initiatives; prioritizing Greenwood Gate and Landscape and Maintenance improvements as the highest priorities.

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July 2016

Town of Hilton Head completes Circle to Circle recommendations – report includes growth projections for traffic on Greenwood Drive up to and outside the gate will continue to grow forcing additional failures of delay standards.

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August 2017

CSA conducts Owner Survey to determine Gate and Traffic issues in the areas of Greenwood Drive and Ocean Gate.

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May 2018

CSA conducts a community-wide survey of Sea Pines Property Owners to gather property owner feedback in order to help us continue to develop community plans.

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May 2018

A solution to top the priority and several other priorities of our traffic problem at the Greenwood Gate becomes available. CSA purchases the property at 14 Greenwood Drive (The Gallery of Shops building) which will allow us to relocate pass sales out of the roadway and provide a permanent home for our pass office operations. To hear an update from CSA President, Bret Martin on the Gallery of Shops from the 2018 CSA and ASPPPO Annual Meeting held on 4/30/2018 click here.

June 2018

CSA hosts the Greenwood Drive Access Concepts Community Presentation Meeting; Presented concepts to address the traffic access concerns along the corridor of Greenwood Drive between Sea Pines Circle and Club Course Drive which include the Gallery of Shops location.

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Site plans and architectural drawings for the new pass office continue to be developed and submitted for all necessary entities review and approvals.


Additional Information Regarding 14 Greenwood Drive

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