Sea Pines Community Coffee

All property owners welcome! See meeting agenda below:

Bret Martin
CSA President
Welcome & Filming Process Reminder
Post Hurricane Matthew Update

Amanda Sutcliffe-Jones,
CSA Director of Communications
Upcoming Events
Upcoming Website Launch
Community Digital Signage

Jerred Mayse,
CSA Interim Director of Maintenance
New Equipment
Greenwood Drive and Fraser Circle Hydro seeding
Flower Rotation Reminder
Palmetto Bay Road Fence Repair Project
Neighborhood Debris Pick Up Update
Lighthouse & Sea Pines Drive Lighting Bollards

Michael Tucker
CSA Vice Chairmen & Chairmen of the CSA Long Range Strategic Planning Committee and the Safety and Security Committee
Long Range Strategic Planning Committee Update

Toby McSwain
CSA Director of Safety, Security and Transportation
Safety and Security Update
Parking Lot # 3 Resurfacing Project Underway
Uber Access Update
Heritage Information

End Meeting/Video (5 Minute Break)

Q & A