CSA Board of Directors Meeting

This event is open to all property owners. Click here to view the PDF copy of the Agenda


1. Call to Order Griffith

2. Ratify Approval of the January 24, 2017 Meeting Minutes* Adams

3. CSA Reports
a. CSA President’s Operations Report Martin
b. ARB Liaison Report J. Richardson
c. Joint CSA/ASPPPO Short Term Rental Committee Serral
d. Communications Committee Barth
e. Gate Entry Committee Corbitt
f. Circle to Circle /Traffic Task Force Update Crunkleton
g. Governance Committee Speer
h. Government Liaison S. Richardson
i. Maintenance, Enhancement and Major Projects Committee J. Richardson
j. Safety and Security Committee Tucker
k. Finance Committee Borghesi
l. Long Range Strategic Planning Committee Tucker

4. Unfinished Business
a. Approval of View Easement Policy/Resolution Letter * Griffith

5. New Business
a. Acceptance of 2016 Unaudited Financial Statements * Shanahan
b. Approval of Reserve Contribution Policy * Shanahan
c. Ratify Approval of Encroachment – Lot 5, Lawton Woods * Griffith
d. Ratify Approval of Storm Recovery/Repair of Greenwood Drive Corridor * Griffith
e. Approval of Gate Entry Policy Amendments * Griffith
• Recommendation to Increase Age of Dependents
• Recommendation of Changes to Gate Fee
• Approval of Dredge Contractor “Mobilization” Verbiage Griffith
f. Ratify Approval of Heritage Classic Foundation Contract * Griffith
g. Ratify Approval for Bus Pad on Greenwood Drive * Griffith
h. Approval of Sea Pines Resort and CSA Service Agreement * Griffith
i. Approval of CSA Committee Charters 2017 * Griffith
j. Approval of CSA Committee Membership 2017 * Griffith
k. Approval of Uber Contract * Martin
l. Sea Pines Resort Presentation/Harbour Town, Inn Expansion, Pool Birdwell

6. Board Member Comments

7. Adjournment

Question and Answer Period

Executive Session
– Contracts, Personnel and Legal Matters

Reference Material Attachments
– Resolutions
– View Easement Policy Resolution Letter
– 2016 Unaudited YTD Financial Statements
– Reserve Contribution Policy
– Encroachment, Lot 5 Lawton Woods
– Gate Entry Policy Amendments
– Sea Pines Resort and CSA Service Agreement
– 2017 Committee Charters
– 2017 Committee Rosters

* Denotes Action Item