Community Updates

Wind Advisory Remains In Effect Until Noon Today (1/3/22)

The latest forecast from the National Weather Service advises that our area is under a WIND ADVISORY UNTIL NOON EST TODAY…

  • * WHAT…West winds 20 to 30 mph with gusts up to 45 mph.
  • * WHERE…Portions of southeast South Carolina and southeast Georgia.
  • * WHEN…Until noon EST today.
Sea Pines CSA Important Reminders and Updates

  • Sea Pines CSA Maintenance Crews are already working to address significant debris clean-up efforts throughout Sea Pines the inclement weather. Crews will be working to clear roadways as the first priority. Drivers and pedestrians are advised to use caution.
  • Vegetative Storm Debris should be stacked at designated Sea Pines CSA roadside debris pickup sites. If the debris site is full, do not block roads, driveways, or create traffic visibility hazards. Do NOT place trash in debris pickup piles.
  • DO NOT pile any storm debris in roadside ditches, block the pipe ends with debris in ditches, or stack on catch basins/inlets. Clear drainage ditches and catch basins play an important role in stormwater management and can help prevent road flooding in our community.
  • Commercial landscapers are NOT permitted to dump landscaping debris in the neighborhood drop sites or roadside within Sea Pines.
  • Landscape companies are directed to transport debris to the Debris Recycling Facility. Please note: This facility does not have the ability to process material in a diameter of 6 inches and above.
  • The Debris Recycling Facility is open M-F 7:30 am – 4:00 pm and is located off of Greenwood Drive. Enter at the Trolley Station and approximately 25 yards to the left you will see the dirt driveway leading to the Debris Recycling Facility.

To report any downed trees/limbs in Sea Pines CSA managed open space areas or to report blocked stormwater drains or standing water:

During Normal Business Hours: M-F (7:30 A- 4:00 P)

Afterhours Reporting Option: