Community Updates

Wildlife Safety Reminder: November is Peak “Rut Season” for Deer

November is peak “rut season” for white-tailed deer; exercise caution around the community as bucks are less cautious during this time and may be more approachable. Admire wildlife from a safe distance and keep your dog on a leash. Please remember the following while driving in Sea Pines:
  • Slow Down. Drive at slower speeds during dawn and dusk hours when deer are known to be more active. Also, remember that deer often travel in herds, so if you see one animal there may be others in the vicinity.
  • Use High Beams. Using your vehicle’s high beams (if possible) can help you spot deer more quickly, which can give you the best opportunity to slow down as you approach.
  • What if my vehicle hits a deer? To report a vehicle collision with a deer within the Sea Pines Community, call Sea Pines Security Dispatch at 843.671.7170. If there are injuries, call 911.