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Weather Alert: Expect Extremely Cold Temperatures and Wind Chills This Weekend

1/19/24 8:30 AM- From the Charleston National Weather Service: Arctic high pressure will produce very cold temperatures and hazardous wind chills during late Friday night/early morning Saturday through Monday.

Wind Chill Values/Cold Temperatures Timing:
  • Friday Night/Saturday Morning:
    • Minimum wind chills: 15-21°
    • Low temperatures: 24-28° inland, 28-30° near at the coast
  • Saturday Night/Sunday Morning (coldest period):
    • Minimum wind chills: 8-15°, lowest inland
    • Low temperatures: 17-24°, coldest inland
  • Sunday Night/Monday Morning:
    • Minimum wind chills: 16-24° inland, 22-28° near the coast
    • Low temperatures: 23-28° inland, 28-32° near the coast
Cold Temperatures/Wind Chill Hazards & Impacts:
  • Hazardous to be outside without warm clothes for any length of time
  • Pipes could freeze, especially for elevated homes
  • Cold will be dangerous for pets left outside and will damage/kill unprotected sensitive plants
Stay Aware:

Wind Chill Advisories are likely, especially Saturday night into Sunday morning.