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Volunteers for the Future of Six Oaks

Call to action from: Mark Griffith, CSA BOD, Chairman
Six Oaks Cemetery was established in 1966 and is Hilton Head’s only full service, public, perpetual care cemetery. As Chairman of the CSA BOD for almost 5 years I have also served as President of the Six Oaks Cemetery Board. The cemetery’s board goal is to insure we can perpetually provide a high level of care for the cemetery, which is interwoven into the fabric of CSA and is an inseparable part of the Sea Pines Community.
Since I have been serving as President of the Cemetery Board, we have increased the Perpetual Care Fund by over $400,000, almost doubling the balance that was accrued over the previous 47 years. We have accomplished this largely by sales, which allow us to contribute to the Perpetual Care Fund AND to fund operations.
Currently our primary marketing efforts rely heavily on newspapers. We realize that times are changing and that newspaper circulations are trending down. We need to maintain our sales and to prepare for the additional funding needed for the Perpetual Care Fund.
To help us evolve with our ever changing world, the Cemetery Board is forming a committee to benefit the future of Six Oaks Cemetery. I am requesting that any Board, committee or community member with relevant expertise and experience consider serving. Skills that would help with our needs include: marketing analysis, digital marketing, industry knowledge, fund raising and photography.
Get involved by completing the application form and letting us know how you can contribute to the successful future of Six Oaks Cemetery.
  • Please return the form by July 1, 2019 to the CSA Administration Office, 175 Greenwood Drive, 29928, Attention: David Henderson. or email to:
  • Click here. for the application form.