Community Updates

Turtle Nesting Season is Here

Help Save the Turtles

-Lights out and pull window shades down at 10 pm on beach side properties.

-Flatten your sand castles and fill your holes when you leave the beach.

-Do not disturb nests and please do not disturb sea turtle nest markers.  Obey these signs and please stay out of marked areas.

-Remove beach litter. Balloons, plastic bags, Styrofoam and other non-degradable pollutants cause the deaths of many sea turtles as the turtles mistake these items for food.

-Stack or remove all beach furniture at the end of the day.

-Keep pets on a leash and away from sea turtles and their nests.

Should you find an injured turtle or other turtle situation call 843-338-2716 (Amber Kuehn, Turtle Protection Project Manager).

For Turtle Code Enforcement issues (lighting violations), call 843-341-4642 (Town of Hilton Head).

If you find a deceased turtle (not hatchlings) call 843-633-1639.