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Task Force Created to address Traffic, Congestion and Access into Sea Pines; Sea Pines CSA Board names these as top priorities

A message from the Sea Pines CSA Board Chair
August, 4 2023

A couple of pieces of information. The Town of Hilton Head has received a report on their corridor traffic study which includes the Sea Pines Circle, Pope Avenue, part of Greenwood Drive and adjacent streets.

You can access the full plan by clicking here ( The part about our area starts on page 130.

Notice that there is language about dealing with the part of Greenwood Drive between the Sea Pines Circle and our Gate.

I have established a Sea Pines CSA Board Task Force to address these issues and to become involved with the Town and whatever other entities may be appropriate. The Task Force will also be working on the part of Greenwood Drive to Club Course.

The issues of traffic, congestion and access aren’t going away without a collective solution, this is a top priority issue for CSA and will remain so until something is done.

We look forward to keeping the community informed and updated throughout this process.

David Ellis

Sea Pines CSA Board Chair