Community Updates

SPCSA Maintenance Projects Week of 3/14/24

Tower Beach Restroom Facility Maintenance: Deep cleaning and repainting at the Tower Beach Restroom Facility is in progress and will continue through next week. Please note Sea Pines CSA staff will need to close one restroom at a time to complete this essential maintenance work.

Tree Care Management: Annual tree trimming along Sea Pines CSA-managed Beachwalks is in progress (pictured). Beachwalks will remain open, but we ask that pedestrians and bikers use extreme caution and pay attention to flagmen on-site.

Roadway Asphalt Repairs along Planters Wood Court are in progress followed by Water Oak Drive, Mizzenmast Lane, Gunnery Lane, Willow Oak Road.

Leisure Trail Asphalt Repairs along Plantation Drive between Lighthouse Road and the Stoney Baynard Ruins will continue next week followed by the leisure trail along Baynard Cove Road near Red Oak Road and near Turnberry Lane.

Stormwater Repair & Maintenance: Pipe repair along Royal Tern Road is in progress and will continue through next week. Line jetting in the Club Course area and along Greenwood Drive near Willow Oak Road and then near Loblolly Road will begin next week.

Please note, all work is weather permitting. For questions, please contact our Maintenance Department at 843.671.7849 or at