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Single Topic Message from The Sea Pines CSA Board Chair

February 3, 2023

Please forgive me for sending this so soon after my introductory message. My goal is to try and keep you informed on matters from the very beginning and to get your input.

I want to alert you that I have created a Task Force to look into the use of E-Bikes in Sea Pines.

Presently, under our Sea Pines Gate Entry Policy, electric bikes are banned in Sea Pines. However, we regularly see these e-bikes being used despite this ban. They seem to be very popular, and the fact is, people are finding ways to bring them into Sea Pines.

All of this raises questions, some of which are:

  • Do we want to continue to ban e-bikes in Sea Pines? If so, how do we enforce that ban?
  • Do we want to allow e-bikes in Sea Pines? If so, do we try to impose some qualifications, limits, restrictions or whatever?

And so many other questions. All of this is complicated by our ability or inability to enforce whatever we decide.

Stopping them at our gates is our first line of enforcement if you want to continue to ban them, but obviously, people are finding a way to get them into Sea Pines.

My purpose in contacting you now is to allow you to share your thoughts, suggestions and comments with us from the beginning. Please send them to my chair email at for consideration.

Just trying to keep you informed and to let you participate in the process from the very beginning.

Thank you,

David Ellis

Sea Pines CSA Board Chair