Community Updates

September 2021 Board Chairman’s Letter from Larry Movshin

Fall has arrived in Sea Pines, both on the calendar and with more comfortable Fall-like temperatures.  And with Fall, your Sea Pines CSA Board continues to complete work on a number of initiatives undertaken during the year. It is also an opportunity to look back at many of the accomplishments of the first three calendar quarters.

Of course, our most significant accomplishment was the passage of the Critical Infrastructure Referendum, with an overwhelming 88+% of positive votes. While the matter is in litigation, currently in the discovery phase, we remain confident that the funds approved by our community will be available for use in 2022 and beyond, as we continue the effort to catch up on long-overdue repair and maintenance of our roads, bridges, leisure trails and stormwater drainage systems. The improvements to our oldest road, North Sea Pines Drive, made to date and underway this month, are a testament to the work that can be accomplished by our Sea Pines CSA team with proper funding.

This year also saw the adoption of redrafted and improved Sea Pines CSA Land Use Rules and Regulations, with the most important addition of strengthened enforcement provisions. As the Board will hear in a report from our Land Use Monitor, Ryan Kash at our meeting tomorrow, compliance with these new rules has been significant without the need for stiff penalties imposed on those notified of the need to make improvements to their properties.

Another major accomplishment of the year has been the demolition of the Gallery of Shoppes building while retaining full development rights for the next seven years. By the end of the week, the site should be fully “grassed”, providing a significant improvement to the “front door” of our Sea Pines community for property owners and guests alike.

Thanks to a very good year to date in terms of gate revenues, we were able to accomplish the significant clean-up needed after Tropical Storm Elsa made a direct hit on Sea Pines. And we expedited that effort with outsourced personnel without the need to dip into our reserves.

Even with these significant accomplishments, there is much still to do. At tomorrow’s Sea Pines CSA Board of Directors meeting (which can be viewed at we will hear a proposal from our Sea Pines CSA staff to limit the noise from leaf blowers employed by the various landscaping companies who work in Sea Pines. This is a matter that has been of great interest to a number of our property owners and I am anticipating a lively discussion by the Board on the staff’s proposal. I am also anticipating an update from our Revenue Task Force and Parking Task Force, which continue to study the issues they have been asked to address. I hope many of you will be able to watch the Board meeting live, or if not, stream the meeting at your convenience.

I have been impressed and appreciative of the number of property owners who have brought questions and concerns to my attention at I make every effort to work with our outstanding Sea Pines CSA Staff to respond to all of these emails, and I hope you will all feel free to continue to come to the source when questions or concerns arise.

As always, we truly appreciate your support.


 Larry Movshin
Sea Pines CSA Board Chairman