Community Updates

Sea Pines CSA Welcomes New Board Members, Seats CSA Executive Committee, Names Committee Chairs

Recognition of Outgoing and Incoming Sea Pines CSA Board Members
Sea Pines CSA would like to thank our outgoing Board Members Mark Griffith, Charlie Miner and Michael Tucker for their service to the CSA Board. We’d also like to welcome our incoming board members:
Class A
New Board Members- Dave Borghesi, David Ellis & David Pardue
Class B
Re-elected Class “B” Board Member Mark King
2020 Sea Pines CSA Executive Committee Members Named
  • Larry Movshin, Chair
  • Jim Kaskie, Vice Chair
  • Dave Borghesi, Treasurer
  • Carolyn Adams, Secretary
  • Don Sigmon, Member at Large
Please click here to view the full 2020 CSA Board of Director roster.
2020 Sea Pines CSA Committee Chairs
  • Communications – David Ellis
  • Finance – Dave Borghesi
  • Gate Entry – Cary Corbitt
  • Gate Reconfiguration- TBD
  • Governance – Jim Kaskie
  • Land Use Management – Rich Speer
  • Maintenance, Enhancements and Major Projects – JR Richardson
  • Safety and Security – Bill Johnson
  • Short Term Rental – David Pardue
  • Strategic Planning – TBD